Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Starcast:-Sapna,Kanti shah,Amit panscholi,Vinod Tripathi

As they say all good things comeback and so do good movies,we all saw and appreciated Ramsay's Veerana wayback in 1988 and so this time our favourite adult movie master Kantibhai shah makes his version of Veerana with no storyline but just sex.Usually sleaze comes as a subplot of horror movies which runs parallel to the storyline but in kanti shah's flicks sex is the main plot and story becomes the sub plot.During the showcase even if you miss one scene you might loose on watching an actress lying naked on bed or getting screwed by the other actor.I just don't understand how C.B.F.C(censors)passes this kind of hardcore adult movies,even if you just have a look at the poster of this marvel you could find someone's breasts getting grabbed by the ghost,most of the sequences are shot in a haveli set common in all his movies ,may be its the Essel Studios in Trombay which supplies the cheapest junior artists and has very low expenditure interiors.This is a softporn movie just made in the name of horror.So dont expect anything more than a masked monster fucking the junior artists throughout the masterpiece.


Khoon Ki Pyaasi Daayan(1998)


K.K.P.D is a mixture of indian drama along with blackmagic and gore.Its a story about a struggling actress who comes to mumbai for her break but unfortunately her mother sells her to an impotent landlord who takes her to his haveli just to give it a try,but as usual all his attempts go in vain.Frustrated with this he approaches a baba who suggests him that in order to gain his fertility back he needs to slaughter a young girl.He instantly brings the wannabe actress girl to the baba's place and they slaughter her,the girl comesback from her grave and also brings one of her ghosts friends to help her take the revenge(watta freindhip!).The Ghost freind reminds me more of a polar bear,and the over makeup along with the pompy music just makes me wonder why am i watching it.

The only scene i watched this movie again and again as a kid was a rain song where one of the actress is wearing a see through kurta and she really looks hot in it.Technically the movie is excellent and even the budget is quite high ,but still bad script and poor editing holds it back from being a masterpiece.


Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath(1998)


Released in the summer of 1998,this movie is no doubt one of the most sleaziest and erotic horror movies made in bollywood,the shaitan here is a sex maniac and his only demand is sex.This is a story about a girl who wants to take revenge from the guys who raped her in college canteen and in order to do that she seeks a shaitan's help.The shaitan just wants onething in return of the favour and thats sex and hence the title 'ek raat shaitan ke saath'.

This movie marked the debut of b-grade queen 'sapna' as the protagonist.Low in quality and crappy script make the movie dull but the sex in the movie keeps the audience at the edge of their seats just wanting for some more of it.



Starcast:-Javed Khan,Hemant Birje,Raza Murad,Amjad Khan

Kabrastan is Mohan Bhakri's one of the finest movies,the director makes you think that even this kind of incidence can happen.It's a story about an over ambitious doctor who murders a person just to take his heart and transplant it into another persons body.The person comes back from the Graveyard to take his revenge,he rapes the doctors wife,kills his sis in law and does all the others things that bad ghost usually do.Technically the movie is far ahead of its time,all the actors have done a superb job.The Veteran Amjad khan as a pervert is worth watching,there are lot of sleazy scences in this flick which made the censors gave it an 'A' certificate.



Starcast:-hemant birje,jasmine,kulbushan karbanda,gulshan grover,satish shah.

This is the only horror movie which scared me when i was a child,its no doubt one of the best horror flicks ever made.The gore and the horror just makes you scream throughout this spine-chilling masterpiece.Hemant birje of tarzan fame did one helluva job,the newcomer jasmine does a decent job even though she just needs to provide some glamour and sleaze.Satish shah's comedy is good as usual and kurbushan karbanda as the father of the possesed girl provides some class to the b-grade actors.